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Evropské centrum přírodních pivních lázní s.r.o.
Nivy 4
Děpoltovice 362 25

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Natural European Beer Spa Centre
Evropské centrum přírodních pivních lázní s.r.o.
Nivy 4
Děpoltovice 362 25

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The “Natural European Beer Spa Centre” is located 6km from Karlovy Vary in the countryside that has, thanks to its character, attracted people to seek relaxation in it for centuries. A picturesque trail leads from here to Karlovy Vary along the banks of a creek and through a dense, beautiful forest. This building was constructed in 1810 by a German earl for his guests, who were huntsmen. From here, they travelled to Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) for the mineral water cures. The vaulted ceilings, the granite pillars in the hall, the large fireplace, and the crystal chandeliers evoke the typical décor of the beginning of the 19th century.

The spring of water that issues from the cliffs was used for the preparation of food and to cool drinks. It was to be found directly in the basement. The building was constructed around the spring.

There are carps in the small fish pond. One can fish them using a hook and line. In another, larger fish pond nearby, you can find trout. If you catch a fish, it is baked in the traditional way in the “Old Slavic Cuisine” Restaurant, in the vertical oven on beech wood. There are two such red-hot ovens here. At the same time, you can grill up to 15 kg of venison, wild boar, beef, ram, pheasant, quail, salmon, and vegetables. The cuisine here is very savoury, juicy and has a unique, lightly smoked aroma. It is just as our forebears cooked more than 2000 years ago. This is why the cuisine is called old Slavic. Mush made of barley and buckwheat with game, beef, and mushrooms also dates to this period. These tastes have been long since forgotten.

Ancient Slavs, just like the Teutons, brewed strong, high-quality beer. The “Natural European Beer Spa Centre” has kept up this tradition. Three types of 14% beer are born from the German equipment. They are the Carlsbad “Old Castle” light beer, the Carlsbad “Old Castle” dark beer, and the semi-dark “Karlsbader Beer” – just water, malt, hops, and yeast of the highest quality. The method of brewing used is infusion, which is not typical for the Czechs, but is common in Germany. The beer is tasty, and so its intensity is not noticed by the guests at first. Thanks to our long-term experiments, we have created a dark beer that is mild and not bitter. This superb, lively unfiltered and unpasteurised beer, which has thus retained all of its vitamins and elements, is also used in beer baths.

After bathing in our beer spas, you will feel the desired effects: your skin will be velvety smooth. This is thanks to the water solution of this truly lively, unfiltered beer saturated with proteins, carbohydrates, an entire spectrum of amino acids and vitamins (mainly of the B group), organic acids and elements (iron, potassium, and others).

The warm beer solution, which is carbonated, cleanses the skin, open pores, and drains toxins from the body, as well as providing the organism with all of the beneficial elements found in the beer; it massages the entire body, eliminates muscle tension, and warms the joints. Heart activity, as well as the activity of the entire circulatory system, is improved. Aero-massage improves the regeneration of the skin and increases its elasticity, it aids in slimming processes, regulates excessive sweating, normalises arterial blood pressure and has positive effects on sexual performance. It thus harmonises the functioning of the entire organism, renews one's vitality, and strengthens immunity.

The wooden walls and ceilings of the bathing rooms and pleasant aromatherapy induce a state of relaxation. After a 30-minute bath, you have the option to enhance the relaxing effects by lying down on a cot, listening to pleasant music, and cuddling up in the warm blanket provided. Our research has shown that to achieve a lasting effect, it is best to undergo a cure of 5 procedures, which can take place, with pauses in between, even during one day.

The contraindications of beer baths are few, and they are reasonable. They include severe cases of hypertension, recuperation from cardiac operations, and pregnancy. Children from 5 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Guests have 9 luxurious hotel rooms to their disposal, with beds ranging from classic parameters to 2x2 metres. A forest, fields, mountains, wild game, and birds surround the centre. Those who wish to be one with nature couldn’t find a more beautiful place. It is also very easily accessible by car. The great and yet beneficial beer spa, the superb beer from the family brewery, aromatic foods from our enchanting oven, and evening walks in the woods – wouldn’t you call this an ideal programme for a weekend getaway or for a day trip?

There are 20 wooden baths for two (for one by request) and one large bath for an entire group at the guest’s disposal. Anyone who is bathing also gets a glass of beer (one of the three types) for their internal needs. This is the only place in Europe where an entire busload of tourists (max. 60 people) can try out a genuine beer spa with an aero-massage, taste specially prepared food, and try out the original Carlsbad beer in a mere three hours.

 Prices of procedures in the Beer Spa

  • Two-seated bath for one person – 1290 CZK (49 euro)
  • Two-seated bath for two people – 1790 CZK (69 euro)
  • Large bath for groups of up to 6 people – 4490 CZK (169 euro)

Our speciality

Talíř pro cestovatele

Special offer for tourists (900 g)

Saslik of pork, Baked homemade potatoes with garlic, vegetable salad, Pickled onion with vinegar, Unique old Slavic barley bread, Homemade tomato sauce.

292 CZK

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Karlovy Vary is absolutely unique in the number of curative hot springs in the world.

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