Bouldering Wall

Bouldering Wall in the Sportcentrum Imperial in Karlovy Vary

The bouldering wall is the latest addition to the Sportcentrum Imperial in Karlovy Vary.

The wall is suitable for experiences climbers as well as beginners who learn and master proper climbing techniques with trained staff. Climbing the bouldering wall can be your main training activity or it can only complement other sports activities available on the Sportcentrum Imperial premises.

Bouldering is climbing during which the climber has to overcome challenging obstacles. During bouldering the climber moves without a rope at a safe height. Because the bouldering wall is not high the climber can jump down, at any time, on a crash pad (bouldering mat) prepared on the ground.

Bouldering wall parameters:

  • Height – 2.95 m
  • Difficulty level – varies (depending on a route taken)


Bouldering Wall in the Sportcentrum Imperial

Libušina 18, 36001 Karlovy Vary

Tel: +420 353 203 700


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Bouldering Wall

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