Beer bath

Original spa procedure based on the exclusive use of natural ingredients, material and old-Bohemian folk medicine recipes.

The beer spa procedure itself comprises several components

  • bathing in beer, beer extracts and beer herbal mixture
  • unlimited consumption of light and dark beer Krušovice®
  • relaxing on a bed from real wheat straw
  • relishing homemade beer bread at the warmth of the spa fireplace

It has a beneficial effect on

  • skin rejuvenation
  • supply of vitamins, saccharides and proteins
  • calming effects on skin, hair and muscles
  • muscular stress relief
  • stress reduction
  • regeneration of body and mind
  • better blood circulation
  • detox – elimination of toxic substances stored in your body
  • supportive treatment of backache and joints
  • cleaning of pores
  • better heart activity
  • treatment of psoriasis, acne and orange peel skin

Duration of treatment60 minutes

Who provides this procedure

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