Apartmán Krásná vyhlídka


Price from 500 CZK / Person / Night

  • Wi-Fi

  • Petfriendly

11 Reasons why you will enjoy this apartment.



Apartmán Krásná vyhlídka
Vyšehradská 10
360 01 Karlovy Vary
Česká republika

+420 728 043 213

Facilities in detail

Wi-Fi, Petfriendly

11 reasons why you will love this suite 

1st | Stunnig views will make you feel happy
2nd | Our house has retained its charm. Enjoy it.
3rd | Great space
4th | You need only 5 minutes to get to the spa centre
5th | You need only 5 minutes to reach the forest
6th | Enjoy lunch in a lovely and sunny kitchen
7th | Enjoy a glass of wine in the garden
8th | Enjoy relaxing in the bath with a view of the forest
9th | Enjoy meditation while listening to the sound of the bells inviting you to a mass in the church within a 5- minute-walk
10th | Take a trip with friends. The suite can hold up to 11 people.
11th | Your visit will help to pay for the improvements in this suite. 

Accommodation options

Use the services of the Karlovy VARY REGION CARD.

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